Welcome to My Yoga Universe

I believe that life is about strength and flexibility. Join me by taking yoga and your healthy lifestyle with you wherever you are. This website was born out of my desire to see in-depth yoga studio reviews in the places where I have travelled, and is motivated by my mission to inspire others to travel and stay healthy.

It is easy to integrate healthy living wherever you go. There are so many yoga studios to choose from, so before your leave home, check to see if there is a studio in the area you are visiting. Not only do you get your practice in, but you will meet local people and get a taste of the culture in the city or town you are visiting. What better way to sight see?

Not all yoga studios are alike. Some have wonderful space, others have very limited space and no mirrors. When we pay for classes, we expect a certain amount of space and amenities to help us heighten our practice. Have a look at the pictures on studio websites before you go.

Look for: price, reviews, amenities, calming pictures, times (schedule), interesting classes, colours, space

Before you book a hotel, look around and see if your can find accommodations near an interesting yoga studio. It makes for a special holiday when you can walk a few minutes to practice in a new city!

Enjoy my website, and drop me an email if you want to share anything!