Vitamin D – The STAR vitamin

I call vitamin D the STAR vitamin. Why?  For each point on a star, there is a benefit to taking extra vitamin

Star point 1: Let’s start with it’s ability to help the small intestine absorb calcium. Calcium is essential to good health, so the stronger the level of absorption, the more likely it is that the body will have adequate levels of calcium.

Star point 2: Vitamin D indirectly maintains blood calcium levels by acting on bone cells. For bones to be strong throughout our lives, they need to be fully nourished. With the help of vitamin D, bones can maintain their density and strength well into old age.

Star point 3: Vitamin D promotes bone growth and bone remodelling, so it is advisable to take vitamin D at any age. As our bodies change, adapt and renew, so do our bones. If you have a broken bone, vitamin D will encourage healing tissues of the bone.

Star point 4: Recent studies have shown that human cells have vitamin D receptors, so it likely plays a number of other roles in keeping the body healthy. Blood calcium levels are maintained with the support of vitamin D.So in your next smoothie, drop some D in and

Star point 5:  This vitamin also helps regulate many genes. So in your next smoothie, drop some D in and enjoy the benefits!



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