Hi everyone,

This website is intended to inspire and motivate anyone who is wanting to either stay in good health or gain better health. By offering blogs, tips, and many other items, you will find lots of ideas to keep you on the right track.

I started my journey of change twelve years ago. It began with yoga to try and heal, or at least control my scoliosis. Miraculously it worked! My pain subsided, while my strength, flexibility, focus and attention increased dramatically!

I have travelled extensively, practicing at studios in many different cities and countries. Every studio is drastically different, and the culture of the studio usually reflects in the quality of their teachers and staff.

Not only did I try yoga – I implemented many healthy routines to my life; cleanses, food choices, learning how to eat on the run, stress control, lifestyle choices, restaurant choices, and best of all, peace of mind.

I recently retired from teaching kindergarten to grade 8 for 27 years. I am amazed at how many doors and opportunities have opened since I made my decision to explore new dimensions. I completed my yoga teacher training, and I continue to practise daily yoga and a healthy lifestyle. I continue to upgrade my skills as a yoga teacher, attending seminars, workshops and higher level teaching courses.

As a mother of two wonderful ‘adult’ children, I continue to be inspired by them to maximize my health and well-being. Being healthy benefits not only yourself but everyone around you. People respond differently to us when we have a smile on our face and give off positive energy. So enjoy the universe’s energy, and send it out to others!

Let’s get started. Enjoy! I look forward to many happy stories and beneficial feedback.




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