Miami Glow

Located on a quiet street with beautiful trees and tastefully decorated restaurants, this studio is a true lotus. Minutes from Lincoln Road Mall, the studio is calming from the moment of entering the front doors. The decor is stunning – modern, light, airy and energizing. I was warmly greeted by Raquel. A busy front desk meant that it was a bustling studio – a good thing for a first visit.

The change room was cooed – something I had not experienced before. It actually worked just fine. There was ample space to change, including a large restroom and a curtain to change behind. There are lockers with locks on them, which is a huge bonus. Lockers are rare at yoga studios, and it gave me comfort in knowing that my things were locked up.

There was a beautiful outdoor patio with cozy chairs and an umbrella, and even an outdoor shower! This place totally blew my mind!

Upon entering the studio, I was surprised to see a marble floor and more mirrors than most studios.

Now for the class. Raquel taught the class. Within a few minutes into the first posture, I realized that this was going to be a challenging and energizing class. Raquel’s voice was so strong and clear, I held postures longer than I normally do. She definitely pushed me to my next level, correcting me on numerous postures, and never shortening the time. Her ability to keep the flow of the class was amazing – demanding and continuous dialogue made for a very successful class. She is rare. I would definitely recommend that if you are looking to step up your practice, take one of her classes.

If you are in the Miami area, definitely check this studio out! You’ll be glad you did!

Glow yoga