Located in the heart of Mississauga, near Mavis and Burnhamthorpe, this studio is what every community needs. The owners, Lisa and Mike, changed careers to open this studio. The studio has a real, warm community feel to it. Many of the members get to know each other as a result of the friendly atmosphere. This studio has won many People’s Business Choice awards in Mississauga. The studio is in a strip mall, so there is ample parking and no elevator or big flights of steps to go up. The studio is tastefully decorated, with lots of room to sit and relax before or after class.

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The classes are of high quality, with experience teachers who have a genuine interest in and in helping students to further their practice. They will spend time with newcomers, explaining postures, explaining about the heated room and answering questions after class. Whether it is your first time, or you are an experienced yogi, you will be sure to get an amazing class! Some classes are one hour, and some are 1.5 hours, so check the schedule carefully.

The prices for this studio are competitive with other yoga studios. There are several packages to choose from, or you can become a member for under $ 100 per month (unlimited).

This studio is very clean, and has more showers than most other Bikram studios. although the change rooms are limited in size, people seem to get around it (lots of lockers, cubbies and hooks).

I love this studio. The owners are wonderful, and the atmosphere makes you want to keep coming back.




This studio used to be a Bikram hot yoga studio. They changed the name, but kept the same class schedule. This studio is located beside a car repair shop, so you may smell fumes coming in from the vents. There are sometimes sounds coming from the car repair shop, although it is rare. Conveniently located at Hurontario and Bovaird, it is a small community studio with a very small lobby and small washrooms. Both the studio and the washroom are very clean – a professional cleaner goes in to clean every day.

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The classes are usually stimulating and vigorous. The problem is that the times are very inconvenient. The daily 6 o’clock class is in the middle of dinner, and to make the other class times you are at the mercy of the schedule. There are no later classes on weekends, and no early morning classes. Nor are there any 4 pm classes. So before you buy a pass, make sure you can work around the schedule. The classes are in the traditional Bikram format, so expect the same thing every class you go to.

For what you get from this studio, I find the price above what it should be. The limited schedule and the size of the studio should be considered. Other studios that are much larger and offer many  more classes charge almost the same price. There is also a big echo in this studio. Sounds blockers would help to solve this problem.

The staff are generally friendly and encouraging and instruct with professionalism and passion.




This studio is a small, community yoga studio. Located on the second floor of a commercial strip mall, it is surprisingly nice when you walk in. The studio is hot, but there is a separated room for non-hot yoga. This studio offers a wide variety of yoga practices. Most classes begin with a 5 minute meditation, followed by pranayam exercises and then an intense 50 minute class. The class usually finishes with chanting and finally savasanah.

Indian Yoga and Med. Brampton

This studio offers mostly Hatha yoga, although there are hanging yoga and mediation classes as well. The teachers are excellent, but the owner, Sarbjeet, is a veteran yoga teacher. His classes are always challenging and rejuvenating. With candles and soft music in the background, one feels an instant sense of relaxation upon entering.

There are no showers at this studio, but it does not pose a problem for most individuals. The space is very limited, so placing showers would create a very tight and uncomfortable atmosphere. The studio is immaculate, with many traditional Indian yoga pictures and items carefully placed to create a visually captivating and healing atmosphere.

As far as price goes, this studio is average. You can buy a class card for pretty much the same price as other studios. You must bring your card to each class.