Myrtle Beach, USA

Shanti Yoga, Myrtle Beach

This studio is a beautiful place to study yoga. Located close to downtown Myrtle Beach, it is easy to get to for anyone on holiday. The studio is filled with Indian yoga artifacts and beautiful colours! Upon entering, I felt a sense of quiet peace as I was quietly greeted by the desk clerk. Many people knew each other and were chatting before the class. The studio is very long and narrow, so it is great for inversions. The ambiance and colours of this studio are very warming and healing.

Shanti Yoga Myrtle Beach

I took an Ashtanga class. I found the instructor’s voice too soft – it was difficult to execute the postures when I was struggling to hear what she was saying. I was able to get some moves in, mostly by looking around and seeing what the regular yoga students were doing. the class was partially directed and then the teacher allowed for freestyle time. There were uses of props. I found that the teacher did very little assistance – she just stood there looking around. Even though I was having difficulty with the inversions, she never came over to assist myself or anyone else.

The price of the classes is competitive with other studios. I paid just over $ 20 US. I did not feel like I got good value – struggled to hear instructions and received no assistance. The teacher did not even ask me if I had yoga experience when I registered. Some of the students were very advanced, so if I had been a beginner I would have been completely lost and discouraged.

If you are an advanced yogi, I would definitely recommend this yoga studio. You will have lots of time to do your own practice in a wonderful environment. If you are a beginner, I would not recommend it, unless you notify the teacher before class and ask for extra assistance.