My Travel Tips

Always finish eating at least 3-4 hours before your yoga class or practice. This is important because yoga focuses so much on the digestive system. If there is any food left in the stomach, it makes it difficult to breathe effectively and to complete postures to your maximum potential.

When traveling, try to:

  • keep nuts in your hotel room – leave them soaking in a cup and grab a few for energy, or for protein if you are having difficulty finding restaurants with good quality protein
  • for breakfast, bring a small glass jar with pulverized oats and dried berries + coconut, etc. Get some hot water at the airport or hotel and mix it up.
  • bring some type of healthy cookie (ie. coconut/date balls) or something with berries in it
  • as soon as you arrive, make a trip to the store and buy water (drink warm water if possible)
  • keep some coconut water in the room if you enjoy it
  • keep fruits on hand (berries are best – loaded with anti-oxidants) – gogi berries rock!
  • visit a local health food store and see what they have – it is surprising what you will find (some have full take out organic counters and/or juice bars)
  • if possible, drink a green juice or a green smoothie every day
  • keep a plastic knife with you at all times
  • eat as much kale, broccoli and seaweed as you can – this help to protect against the radiation of flying
  • use natural body cream or oil after your shower – this helps to stay hydrated
  • instead of coffee, have warm almond or coconut milk with some cinnamon in it – delicious!