Laurier Bikram

Located just a 5 minute walk from Laurier Metro Station, this studio offers high quality teaching. The atmosphere is somewhat unfriendly, but the quality of the classes and the studio make up for the lack of friendliness. You can expect bilingual front desk personnel and bilingual teachers. It is kind of a neat experience to have the first set taught in English and the second set taught in French.

Laurier bikram

The teachers stick to the Bikram script, which is nice. Although they do not make any effort to get to know any of the students, they do deliver the class with effectiveness and clarity.

The studio is very clean, with ample showers and hair dryers, lockers that have a .25 cent lock for your valuables. This is such a good idea in a big city. The lobby is quite large, and has a small sitting area where you can have a cup of tea.

As far as price goes, you get good value for your money. They usually have some kind of special on, so be sure to ask before buying.

This studio has the same owner as the other 2 Bikram studios in Montreal, and they are all pretty much the same (some of the same teachers too).



This studio is conveniently located near Guy and St. Catherine Street. It is in an old building, which gives it lots of character. When I walked out of the elevator, I could not believe what a beautiful view I saw.

This studio is stunning. The vestibule is large enough for 150 or so coats and boots. Starting with a welcoming front desk, and friendly staff, I quickly made my way to the pristine washroom, where three attendants made the place shiny and sparkling.

I took two classes – one barre and one yoga.


The yoga class was challenging enough, but I thought there could be more intensity. It is geared to an intermediate student, with limited holding times for each posture, and some use of blocks to enrich effectiveness of postures.

The barre class was not what I expected. The average age was 23-35, so I felt a little out of place at 53 (a fit 53). Nevertheless, I found the class to be mostly toning and core strengthening – using very little of the actual barre. There were very limited stretching, balancing and yoga postures. the class was 1.5 hours.

All in all, I would say this is a nice studio to go to, but I felt like I was paying more for the physical space rather than the quality of the teaching. The average price is $20 per class.