New York Bikram

There are several Bikram locations in NY city, all under the same owners. I chose the one closest to my hotel. All locations are very conveniently located, close to hotels and attractions.

I took 3 classes during my stay. They have a one week pass for $60.00, but this does not include a mat. There is a travel pass for $120 for one week, and this includes towels and a mat.

The studio on 8th Street in Times Square is an older studio, and I cannot imagine how many dedicated yogis have passed through there. It has a warm, welcoming atmosphere, without the feeling of the hustle and bustle of New York City. The studio faces a main street, so the it is pretty cool to be practicing while the sounds and sights of NY City are right outside the window. It has 2 levels, so it is quite large. There are many, many classes, so there is no excuse to skip practice.

All classes were challenging, and teachers paid attention to fine details in their explanations and corrections. This to me is the true sign of a great studio. Some teachers implemented philosophical views, which was kind of a nice addition. I love that about yoga. Everyone’s journey is different, and sometimes hearing another person’s view on something has an impact on us.

As far as cleanliness goes, this studio is ok. the showers were clean, and the studio was tidy. The change rooms have lockers and ample room for shoes, jackets, and bags.

The most memorable thing for me was the warmth of the people at this studio. The teachers knew most of the names of the students in the classes, and this makes for a very personal experience. The teachers made comments and corrections directly to me for all 3 classes, which is unusual when I travel.

I would definitely recommend that you experience the positive energy at this studio when you visit NY. Start your day off with an early morning class and you’ll be set for a great day!