East to West Yoga and Pilates

A gem located one block east of High Park, on Bloor, one can only wish that every neighbourhood could have a studio like this. You don’t have to be a regular here to feel very welcome. With a warm, welcoming atmosphere, one gets an instant sense of relaxing upon entering. There is lots of chatter before the class, as many members have gotten to know each other here. The owner, Suzy, is a veteran teacher, with a broad knowledge of yoga. She asks the students what they would like her to do that day. I did a restorative class. It was a wonderful, healing, relaxing, energizing class with lots of lymphatic drainage and spine manipulation.

East to West

This studio is not your traditional yoga studio.  With no mirrors, the emphasis is on body awareness. The space is limited, but large enough to fit about fifteen students comfortably with a variety of classes offered during the week (none on weekends). The limited number of classes is because Suzy, the owner, teachers teacher training on the weekends.

The teacher training reaches out to both yoga teachers and health professionals (chiropractors, nurses, physiotherapists).

The studio and the washrooms are very clean, with some shower space. The studio is clean, with lots of yoga props for the various types of classes. Free mats are provided, which is very rare. Classes are inexpensive. I paid $12.50 for a class which was 1.5 hours. That is a great deal, especially for the quality of the class.

There is ample street parking and the studio is close to High Park subway, so make your way there and enjoy!


Located int he heart of East York. this studio is like a home away from home. It feels like a yoga cottage – a place where you can spend  hours taking multiple classes and finish by talking with friends and staff. There is a warm atmosphere, filled with compassion and camaraderie.The staff are very open to listening to and helping members be it to discuss their first class, or to provide advice to experienced yogis. This studio is a gem. 


The lobby is much larger than most yoga studios, with ample sitting space  to collect your thoughts or chat with a friend. The enormous hot yoga studio can be seen through the ‘ceiling to floor’ glass walls. The ceilings over 20 feet high, or so it certainly looks that way, giving it a spacious, open feeling. The heating system is top quality, resulting in very effective air circulation.

There are a variety of classes, from Bikram Yoga (hot yoga), to Vinyasa, power Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Core 30 and various yoga workshops. Some classes are 1 hour, while others are 1.5 hours. There are a variety of packages available, and specials are frequent, so it is best to get on the email list to get updates on specials. The prices are competitive with other studios.

The staff is second to none. Every class is challenging, inspiring, and fun! The teachers are very professional, with lots of experience and a commitment to the world of yoga. Always willing to answer questions or talk, they will do their best to make you leave feeling totally satisfied, ready to come back the next time.  So take your socks off and rock and roll!