Sydney, Australia

Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst (College of India)

This studio is very conveniently located near downtown Sydney, Australia. There are lots of busses nearby, and ample parking (if you choose to drive on the left side). The neighbourhood is not the cleaning, most upscale place, but it seems to be perfectly safe. The street it is on in a little sketchy, but it is only one small block off of a main street.

bikram darlinghurst, sydney

This studio is enormous! It has two levels, so classes begin one hour apart. Starting at 6 am, classes go on all day, with a small afternoon break. So there is no excuse to skip your yoga! Both the upper and lower studios are huge, with lots of natural light and mirrors.

The place is 100% Indian. The decor is beautiful, there are 2 large change rooms (one on each floor), all of the conveniences (showers, hair dryers, etc). Even the washrooms are decorated nicely. The carpet in the studios is a little bit smelly, but they seem to have an ozonator (removes bacteria and mould) running all the time. You get used to the smell after a few minutes.

I did several classes and had great experiences with every teacher. They stick exactly to the Bikram script, with no allowance for variation of the words. I found this to be a treat. Every teacher was experienced, very professional, and well spoken. The desk clerks were extremely friendly, and they gave me extra special treatment because I was from out of the country.

I would absolutely recommend that if you are in the area of Sydney, try to get to this studio. It is what every studio should be like, with so many classes that if you miss one, there is another class shortly thereafter. You can enjoy a light meal or a healthy juice right next door after your class!